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Aesthetic & Beauty Services

Beauty Services 

Prices per session

Eye Lash Tint £5   

Eye Brow Tint £5      

Brow Shape £5  

Clusters Lashes £10                   Individual lashes £30

Russian Lashes £45                            Make-up £35                                    Airbrush Make-up £45  

Bridal hair £60                                    Flower girl hair £25 Bridesmaids £45   


Brow £5 

 Lip £5  

Side of face £8 

Chin £5

Full Face £13

Under-arm £5               

Half arm £10 

Full- arm £14                 

Half leg £14  

Full leg £19         

Bikini Line £5 

Stomach £6            

 Lower Back £6  

Full Body Wax £50  

Skin Rejuvination, Mesotherapy  
Micro Needling 
Derma Rolling

All treatments are suitable for encouraging Collagen Production, Reducing Pigmentation Spots, Fine Lines, Acne Scaring, Age Spots & Stretch Marks
Micro Needling is a treatment that uses tiny needles to cause tiny punctures in the skin.  Or try one of the many IPL medical therapies such as PhotoRejuvenation, Vascular Lesion & Acne Treatment 
Price per session
Skin Patch Test  £3o
Micro Needling Full Face (acne ) £90
Micro Needling Full Face (fine lines) £90
Micro Needling Body Area (stretch marks)
Full Face (rejuvenation acne) £90
Half Face (rejuvenation acne) £90
Full Face Rejuvenation £90
Face & Neck Rejuvenation £120
Back of Hand Rejuvenation £60
Single Area (vascular) £50
Cheeks (vascular)£60

Semi Permanent Makeup

Eyeliner  from £80
Lash Enhancement £80
Beauty Spot     £50
Eye Shadow   poa
Blush               poa
Lip Liner        £100
Lip Blush       £160
Eyebrows      £100  
Powder Brows   £100
Ombre Brows   £100
Feather Touch  £100
& Microblading    £100
Price List
prices are payable per each sitting.
Skin patch test (no charge) 
Semi Permanent Makeup from £100
MicroBlading  from  £100
Colour boost £100
Top up/Touch-up £100