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Frequently asked questions on Semi Permanent Makeup
What is Microblading, Feather Touch & Ombre Brows?
Microblading, Feather Touch & Ombre Brows, are procedures categorized under permanent makeup, but unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing it is less invasive so considered semi permanent. 
How long does microblading or semi permanent makeup I take to heal?
The area microbladed/semi permanent cosmetic tattooed will take around 4 weeks to heal fully.  This is why top up session is at 4 weeks earliest.  After the procedure the colour will appear very dark and the area will be slightly red and swollen.  The dark colour will remain and a slight scabbing will develop in the following 5-7 days as area heals, then the colour will fade up to 50% or more.  You will notice the colour fade after the slight scabbing on area has come off. 
The true colour and effect will reveal itself over the month during the course of healing.
Is top up/touch up necessary?
Yes!  A touch up/Top up session is best after 4-6 weeks this is necessary as everyone heals differently so out come will vary.  Certain areas may not take and remain after first session so will need to be refilled.  Eyeliner can fade drastically after first sitting then at top up more colour can be added to allow it to stay longer.  Pigment colour may need to be adjusted, brow thickness and strokes  an be added.  Most importantly, your top up/touch up is when your brows are refined to ensure it looks perfect and retains the colour for 9-12 months.
If you do not return for top up/touch up the pigment in time will fade drastically to barely there, with some shades that hold red undertones a faint red pigmentation can remain.
Is top up included in first session price ?
No!   I charge separately for each session and each area. I charge additional costs on thickness of eyeliner & Lip liner/blush as well as extra for flicks on eyeliner. You can pay for both sittings at first sitting if you like, but I offer option to pay at each appointment.  Please note second sitting is required to complete first stage.  Its not your paying to correct, each individual heals differently so after first application although it looks vibrant in colour and perfect when you leave salon as you heal some colour may not absorb so at top up I can sort this issue. 
Do I need a skin/patch test ?
Yes a skin test is required to rule out any allergic reaction.  You can come in to salon at a pre-arranged appointment time for a skin/patch test.  If traveling is difficult or you live a distance for some clients I can post out the pigment , aftercare and numbing ointment in pigment pots for you to carry out a skin test at home.  A skin test must be done at least 48hrs before your treatment date.
Risks and Complications ?
Although allergic reactions to the pigments are rare, it could be possible for certain individuals.  So I suggest a pigment test for all individuals as some who have high sensitivities or sensitive to topical makeup products, gold, silver, nickel or hair dyes may have a reaction.  Pigment test should be carried out min 2 days prior. 
After Care advice
No makeup is to be worn on the treated area for 7 days after the treatment. Keep area clean, avoid sunbeds and swimming during first 7 days of healing.  Do not over moist the area as you can clog pores and cause a infection, the area needs to breath.
You will receive a full detailed after care advise note after treatment (these are brief notes listed here). 
What if I don't like it?
Individuals should not make their choices lightly.  REFUNDS ARE NOT GIVEN.  Research before to understand the procedure and see my work in portfolio before making decision and booking.  With eyeliner if after first sitting the colour fades to barley there once scabbing has come away, this does not mean your not suitable as this can happen.  At top up appointment more colour is applied and this will sort issue, but please note a refund is not offered for this issue & I can not guarantee the length of time before fading usually 6-12 months after 2nd sitting, but some can last longer.  However colour wont stay vibrant for over 12 months so in this case a yearly colour boost is recommended.  With eyebrows there are different techniques to choose from, such as a full look or powder brows, ombre, microblading & feather touch. 
I will do my utmost to satisfy client before procedure I will not carry out treatment until client says they understand and are happy to go ahead.  I will go through colours, shape and desired out come, as sometimes a client may want a combination of techniques to be carried out.  I will explain the procedure and give you medical forms to fill in before treatment can commence.  Every effort will be made to achieve the appearance client desires, but our faces are never perfectly symmetrical, and as cosmetic tattooing is not a exact science the colour and outcome after healing can not be guaranteed, each individual will heal differently.  A uneven appearance that can occur after the slight scabbing has come away due to pigment intake can be fixed at touch up session.  Pigment discolouration and colour correction or removal can also be fixed at this time.  Microbladed/ombre/semi permanent brows are just that semi permanent NOT PERMANENT so colour will eventually fade away if no additional touch ups are done.