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IPL Hair Removal 

Intense Pulse Light Pain free laser hair removal suitable for all skin types including dark and Asian skin tones.
Book for free patch test offer until sept 2017
Treatment prices from £25 per sitting.
All facial and body hair can be treated for removal. Call for offers on multiple areas or 6 treatment course. 
Price per session
Patch test  £20
Forehead  £40  Between Brows £25  
Cheeks £40  Side of Face £40
Upper Lip & Chin £50  Chin £40
Upper Lip £30  Full Face £90  Neck £80
Stomach Line £45 Bikini Line £90 
Full Bikini £120  Buttocks £130 
Underarms £50 Hands £50  Feet £50 
Fingers £50  Toes £40 
Lower Legs inc Knee £130  Full Legs £230 Upper Legs exc Knee £130  Full Arms £130  Half Arms £100 

Skin Rejuvination, Mesotherapy  
Micro Needling 
Derma Rolling

All treatments are suitable for encouraging Collagen Production, Reducing Pigmentation Spots, Fine Lines, Acne Scaring, Age Spots & Stretch Marks
Micro Needling is a treatment that uses tiny needles to cause tiny punctures in the skin.  Or try one of the many IPL medical therapies such as PhotoRejuvenation, Vascular Lesion & Acne Treatment 
Price per session
Skin Patch Test  £3o
Micro Needling Full Face (acne ) £90
Micro Needling Full Face (fine lines) £90
Micro Needling Body Area (stretch marks)
Full Face (rejuvenation acne) £130
Half Face (rejuvenation acne) £90
Full Face Rejuvenation £120
Face & Neck Rejuvenation £160
Back of Hand Rejuvenation £80
Single Area (vascular) £50
Cheeks (vascular)£80

Semi Permanent Makeup

Eyeliner, Lash Enhancement,
Beauty Spot, Eye Shadow, Blush
Lip Liner, Lip Blush,
Eyebrows,  Powder Brows,
Ombre Brows, Feather Touch
& Microblading
Price List
Skin patch test            £0
Semi Permanent Makeup from £295
MicroBlading  from £295
Colour boost                  £100
Top up/Touch-up        £120